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Welcome to O1 MOBILE Banking

O1 MOBILE Banking provides you to access your Option 1 account from your mobile device(s). Option 1 Credit Union's O1 MOBILE Banking gives you access to your accounts and free bill pay, anytime, anywhere from your mobile device - phone, tablet, and more.

Option 1 Credit Union offers you options including a Mobile App, Web/Wap, Online Banking, and Text Banking. Because screen sizes vary with mobile devices and types, we understand how important it is for our members to have a variety of options to access their accounts. 
Coming soon:   Remote deposit capture, deposit your checks through O1 MOBILE Banking!

When you visit the Option 1 Credit Union website from your mobile device, you will see login options. To access your accounts through our Mobile Banking site (Web/Wap), click on the Mobile Banking Login. To access your accounts through our O1 ONLINE Banking platform (NetTeller), click on the Online Banking Login. Please note, the various login features may not appear on PCs. The options are designed for remote device browsers.

TIP: If you do not see the button options when accessing from a remote device, you may need to clear your history or cache. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Option 1 has a FREE app available for your smartphone, tablet, and remote devices. The app allows you to access your accounts, pay bills, and check balances right from your phone or tablet. The convenience of O1 ONLINE Banking has been built into an app so you can access your money on a secure network whenever and wherever you need. To activate and use O1 MOBILE Banking, you must be an O1 ONLINE Banking user. Click here for details and to register for online banking.

With the O1 MOBILE Banking smartphone app, you can:

  • Check account balances
  • View account history
  • Check messages
  • Transfer funds including Member to Member transfers
  • Pay Bills and verify payments with your Option 1 Bill Pay
  • View graphs of saving and expense patterns
  • Find branch and ATMs - Option 1, shared branches, and CO-OP ATMs

Coming soon:   Remote deposit capture, deposit your checks through O1 MOBILE Banking!

At Option 1 Credit Union we continually assess our systems and implement enhancements to provide you, our member, with the most secure, up-to-date, online experience possible. From time to time you may be challenged with a one-time PIN as a result of on-going security measures.  To view the O1 MOBILE Banking Terms and Conditions, click here

  • How To
  • Texting, Alerts, and More


  • For iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch: download the free app from the Apple Store, search Option 1 Credit Union
  • For Android: download from the Android Market, search Option 1 Credit Union
  • For other devices: visit http://m.option1cu.org and click Mobile Banking. From there a link will display to download our app.


The O1 MOBILE Banking app occasionally requires the settings to be updated on your device. The procedures below will assist you with updating the settings on your device:

Apple Devices: Open the app on your device. Tap the About button, then tap the Back button. Your settings have been updated, you can then proceed to login to the O1 MOBILE Banking app.

Android Devices: Open the app on your device. Tap the Setup button and proceed to login. Your settings have been updated and you can proceed to use O1 MOBILE Banking as usual.

If your phone is not app compatible, you can securely access O1 MOBILE Banking with our secure web version. When you visit the Option 1 Credit Union website from any mobile device, you will see login options - one for O1 ONLINE Banking and one for Mobile Banking. Depending on your device and how you prefer to access your accounts, you have options to login with the option that best fits you.

Or you can just go to http://m.option1cu.org on your mobile device browser and you will be automatically redirected to our mobile website. Click on the Mobile Banking link and sign in using your O1 ONLINE Banking information.


SMS or Text Banking is a simple way to get balance and transaction information in real time. By simply sending a text message command to Option 1, you will receive a response with the requested information. It provides quick and simple access to your account balances, account history, and allows you to transfer funds. Click here to learn more.


To help you keep track of your finances, Option 1 offers the option to receive alerts via text message. These alerts are reminders that notify you of important information when you need it. Once you set up your alert(s), your account will be monitored and you will receive a text message based on the alert type and criteria you set up. Click here to learn more.


Because mobile devices are much easier to misplace and are more susceptible to theft, Option 1 Credit Union recommends that you secure your device with a PIN or password. While you will be prompted for your online banking password before you can access your account, this will provide another layer of protection. Contact your service provider for more details on setting up a PIN or password for your specific mobile device

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